It’s easy to think of branding as a vague concept that should take a backseat to individual targeted marketing efforts with hard sales goals, but that ignores the reality that so many businesses are facing in 2013. With so many different promotional and advertising mediums available today (like print, mobile, traditional advertising, etc.) it’s important that messages, themes, and impressions be consistent from one campaign to the next.

In other words, as marketing gets more “spread out,” branding takes on even more importance than it used to. The stronger your branding efforts are, the easier it is for all of your marketing to have a cumulative effect, since buyers can recognize your offers from one medium or campaign to the next.

But how do you maintain a consistent brand in the digital age, where the requirements of one marketing format (like print flyers) might be completely different from the needs of another (e-mail newsletters, for instance)?

The key is consistency. Here are some things that should be identified with your company:

Logos. Even though your logo might have to be changed or adjusted to fit a new type of marketing, it should always be something that people can easily recognize as your visual identity.

Fonts. Using consistent fonts is a quick and subtle way to build an easily recognizable brand and style. Find one that works well both online and in print.

Color schemes. In the same way, you should have a base set of colors that are prevalent in your marketing. It helps, of course, if they look good together.

Taglines and messages. You may already have a strong tagline or slogan. If you don’t, now is the perfect time to develop one and start using it in all your campaigns.

Value propositions. In a deeper sense, all of your marketing should emphasize two or three main points – the reasons that someone should do business with you instead of a competitor.

Offers. Is there a step you want customers to take, like calling for a free sample or reading an informational packet? If so, make that offer consistent throughout your marketing campaigns.

Of course, there is more to branding than simply having the same look or offer repeated again and again. But, consistency is one of the first cornerstones of a strong brand, and can help you stand out in the market no matter how many campaigns you’re putting forward at once.

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