When a lot of business owners and executives start thinking about the elements of a great marketing campaign, they immediately dive into tactics – perhaps they really want to try a direct mail promotion, or think they can reach new customers through an upgraded website.

That’s understandable, but it’s also skipping a couple of important steps that can help make your campaigns as efficient, effective, and profitable as possible. To get a good sense of what we mean, here are three essential elements that you need for any new marketing campaign to succeed:

1. The right audience. Far too many companies focus on the messages in their marketing and ignore the audience. With detailed research, you can know who your very best buyers are, and which segments of the market offer a high probability of success. Without that research, you’re making educated guesses (at best) and hoping that they will work out.

2. A strong and compelling message. Contrary to what a lot of people think, a marketing message isn’t just the offer you’re making (for a better widget, a lower-priced can of soup, etc.), but also the unique selling proposition that you are sharing. In other words, it’s rarely about the product or service itself, and all about the reasons to give up time and money for it.

3. A workable action plan. Again, this is an area where lots of misconceptions come into play. Your action plan shouldn’t just be a list of activities or tactics you want to test. Instead, you need a targeted (an integrated) action plan set to a realistic time schedule, where one point of contact builds upon the other.

Creating these types of marketing plans takes more work, and more detail, than a lot of companies might be used to. But, it’s the best way to stack the odds of marketing success in your favor.

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