While a number of “experts” have been predicting the disappearance of print marketing materials for years, our clients are still seeing great returns from brochures, flyers, and other printed materials. What’s more, we don’t expect that trend to change anytime soon.

With all due respect to those who are sure that the last printing press should be closing down soon, the fact that print marketing is still going strong shouldn’t be very surprising. Here are four of the most important reasons why:

1. Print marketing still works. As with anything in marketing, the proof is in the results. Lots of print pieces are still bringing businesses very strong returns, and even a higher ROI than a lot of Internet marketing tools can match. The key is precise targeting, strong messaging, and great design execution.

2. Print pieces have more staying power. Printing something makes it more permanent, both in a physical sense and in the customer’s mind. Although a prospect can refer back to your website, for example, it’s easier for them to look at a printed brochure that’s sitting on their desk. The same is true for dozens of kinds of projects, where print just lasts longer.

3. Print seems more permanent and trustworthy. In the same way, people tend to associate printed pieces with more established, trustworthy businesses. Fair or not, having marketing materials that we can hold in our hands builds a kind of credibility that you just can’t get with virtual marketing pieces.

4. Printed pieces stand out in an increasingly digital world. In a business environment where it seems like everything is going digital, great printed marketing pieces are a bit like a classic suit – something that stands out all the more because you don’t see it as often.

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